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Delicious taste, effects you can expect.

10 years and counting
What started as a small business by group of friends grew up to be the delicious confections you know and love today.

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Psilo Grape Flavor

Psilo Delic Gummies deliver pure psilocybin extract in a convenient and easy-to-digest gummy candy that is available in Strawberry/Grape Flavor. Each Buy Psilo Mushroom Gummy Cubes  contains 0.14g of Psilocybin per piece and suggests dosage is 2 to 3 pieces daily to micro-dose which helps with cognitive function, enhances focus, and heightens the level of creativity.

Buy Psilo Mushroom Gummy Cubes

Psilo-curious? We’ve got answers.

About Psilo Delic Gummies

Always delicious.

Effects you expect.

No synthetic lies.

Psilo Delic Gummies are  formulated with pure, high-potency Psilocybin distillate, homogenized to help limit variability in dosing. 

Psilo Delic Gummies is packed with juicy, fruity flavor and all-natural colors which is Curated with specialized Psilocybin blend to provide nuanced effects and therefore a good TRIP.

For those who like to enhance the everyday

Psilo Delic gummies are perfect for someone who:

Seeks consistency and worry-free enjoyment

Desires distinct effects for different occasions (i.e., sleep, relaxation, focus)

Prefers delicious flavors over the taste of mushroom

Has an aversion to eating mushroom

Seeks discretion in their psychedelics use. 

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Buy Psilo Mushroom Gummy Cubes


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Psilo Delic Gummies

Psilo. GUMMY SHROOMS are available in Limeade, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and  Tangerine Flavors. These Gummies contain pure psilocybin extract in a delectable, handy, and easy-to-digest gummy candy. Psilo Shrooms Gummies  may be purchased from our official website We have spent the last year working with extraction specialists who have mastered the extraction process of converting psilocybin mushrooms into a pure psilocybin liquid extract. This procedure has allowed us to successfully produce an extract of pure psilocybin. Each Gummy Fungus cube has 0.14 milligrams of psilocybin inside of it, and the recommended daily dosage for it is between two and three pieces. This helps improve cognitive function, brings about an increase in focused attention, and raises the degree of creative output. Its often regarded as a method for increasing productivity by honing the senses in order to improve one’s performance at work and remain one step ahead of the competition.


Throughout our short journey with Psilo, we were able to meet a lot of incredible people and heard so many amazing stories on how microdosing has been a benefit for those individuals. We have been working diligently on being able to share these stories to the masses to ultimately normalize the conversation around alternative medicine. Our primary goal is to continue to push the needle around this subject, no matter how controversial, and be the forefront leaders when it comes to pushing the benefits of microdosing. 🍄#NormalizePsilo 🍄. Psilo delic gummies official where to buy, Psilo delic gummies official website, Psilo delic gummies official reviews, psilo gummies instagram, psilo delic brand, psilo.delic instagram, psilo meaning, psilo delic website,

Incredibles Cannabis | Delicious and Effective Edibles incredibles: The Credible Edible

High quality, handcrafted incredibles cannabis infused chocolates, gummies tarts and mints with the effects you expect and flavors you’ll love. How long do Incredibles take to kick in?,
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Where To Buy  The Credible Edible

Our story began with “special cookies” to help ease Grandma Noni’s pain. When she told us they tasted as good as they made her feel, it was all we needed to hear. Those cookies grew up to be incredibles—Loved for unique flavors. Trusted for original recipes. Made to deliver consistent experiences.

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Wana Brands: North America’s Favorite Edibles Company/ Order Wana Brand Edibles Online

Feel the Flavour
Wana Sour Gummies are handcrafted with gluten-free ingredients, botanical terpenes, and pectin (never gelatin). Our shelf-stable recipe means our gummies won’t melt on their way to you. Wana Sour Gummies are now available in seven mouth watering flavours with a variety of THC-to-CBD ratios, Wana Sour Gummies were made to last. The pectin-based shelf-stable recipe means these gummies won’t melt on their way to you (or in your pocket.)

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Strawberry Lemonade 1:1, Watermelon Hybrid, Mango Sativa, Blueberry Sour Soft Chews, Quick CBN Midnight Berry Indica Soft Chews, Midnight Berry Indica CBN/CBD/THC 5:10:2 Soft Chews, Citrus Burst Sativa 5:1 CBD/THC Sour Soft Chews, Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 Sour Soft Chews, Japanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1 Sour Soft Chews, Blueberry Sour Soft Chews, Quick CBN Midnight Berry Indica Soft Chews, Buy Wana Edibles Near Me, Where To Buy Wana Gummies Near Me,  Wana Gummies, Wana Edibles, Wana Gummies: Buy Cannabis Edibles, Wana THC & CBD Gummies Delivery Near You, Wana Edibles Products, Wana Edibles – Denver, Wana Gummies | Surterra – Florida Medical Marijuana, FAST ACTING WANA GUMMIES EDIBLES 100mg, Wana Brands, Wana Gummies – Available in MA – Capital Cannabis, Wana Gummies: Buy Cannabis Edibles | Available in MA, Wana Brands in Missouri, Wana Gummies | Wana Edibles,

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Looking for STIIIZY edible gummies? We have 90 mg, 100 mg, and 2:1 THC to CBN edible gummies. Order your STIIIZY edible gummies today. Weed Edibles – STIIIZY, STIIIZY 100mg Sour Gummy Edibles, How long does it take for Stizzy edibles to kick in?, What is in a Stizzy?, How many mg does a Stizzy have?, What are indica gummies edibles?, STIIIZY 90 mg Sour Weed Gummies, stiiizy 2:1 weed gummies – 100mg (thc):50mg (cbn), 

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STIIIZY | Cannabis Flower, Extracts, Vapes, Pods & Weed, STIIIZY Edibles, STIIIZY Weed Edibles for Sale, WATERMELON WAVE STIIIZY EDIBLES, weed edibles from STIIIZY for sale near you, STIIIZY Edibles Review, stiiizy hemp infused gummies, stiiizy gummies non medicated, stiiizy edibles pineapple.paradise review, Triangle edibles, 
STIIIZY EDIBLES, CARIBBEAN BREEZE (S) GUMMY TRIANGLES By STIIIZY, MANGO TANGO (S) GUMMY TRIANGLES By STIIIZY, STIIIZY | Sour Apple Gummies – 100mg, STIIIZY – Blue Raspberry Blast – Gummies – HERB, Live Resin Gummies – Indica – Watermelon Wave – 100mg, SOUR STRAWBERRY STIIIZY EDIBLES – 100MG GUMMIES, STIIIZY Edibles 100mg Weed Gummies by NEVERLAND, Stiiizy Gummies Review: Everything You Need To Know,

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The guys from Stiiizy created the Sour Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangles. These are nano-enhanced gummies that help your body process them faster. This means that your body absorbs the THC much more quickly than eating regular gummies.

Thus, the waiting time reduces from 60 minutes to 20 or 15 minutes.

Plus, Stiiizy makes these gummies with live resin. It means that they use fresh material that doesn’t go through a curing process. The curing process removes some terpenes when drying the plant to activate the cannabinoids.

But, live resin keeps all terpenes, so the flavor and aroma are more complex and intense


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Do CBD Gummies Work Kushy Punch, Sour Apple – Hybrid [10pk] (100mg) | Kushy Punch, Kushy Punch CBD Gummies 100mg,
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KushyPunch’s high potency, low calorie fruit gummies use a cannabinoid-rich full-spectrum oil to give you an award-winning, knock-out punch.

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Each gummy flavor is perfectly blended with earthy, potent full-spectrum oil, giving you a great taste and a rich high that truly stands out from other edibles.

Comes in a 10 pack punch out style for easy dosing. Each gummy is 10mg for a total of 100mg

Gluten free, dairy free, fat free, peanut free, and non-gmo.

3 Flavors available: Tropical Punch (Hybrid), Strawberry (Sativa), and Plum (Inidca)

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