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There’s a Camino for every taste, tolerance, and occasion. With a variety of terpene-tailored effects and delicious fruit flavors, we invite you to explore our family of Camino edibles, which includes sativa gummies, hybrid gummies, and indica gummies. We know you’ll… find your sweet spot.


Featuring terpene-tailored effects with delicious, fresh fruit flavors and all-natural ingredients, Camino gummies enhance your state of mind and optimize every experience.



5mg 'Chill' Wild Berry, 2mg : 6mg CBD 'Social' Sparkling Pear, 5mg 'Uplifting' Pineapple Habanero, 5mg 'Bliss' Watermelon Lemonade, 5mg: 1mg CBN 'Sleep' Midnight Blueberry, 5mg 'Excite' Wild Cherry, 5mg: 5mg CBD 'Balance' Yuzu Lemon, 5mg : 5mg CBD 'Balance' Orchard Peach, 5mg 'Uplifting' Watermelon Spritz, 25mg 'Chill' Wild Berry High Dose, 25mg 'Bliss' Watermelon Lemonade High Dose, 10mg 'Uplifting' Watermelon Spritz, 10mg 'Bliss' Citrus Punch, 10mg : 10mg CBD 'Balance' Orchard Peach, 10mg: 3mg CBN 'Sleep' Blackberry Dream, 5mg 'Bliss' Citrus Punch, 10mg 'Chill' Strawberry Sunset, 5mg 'Pride' Passionfruit Punch, 15mg 'Bliss' Watermelon Lemonade High Dose, 15mg 'Chill' Wild Berry High Dose, 10mg 'Uplifting' Forest Berry Fruit Chews, 10mg 'Chill' Black Cherry Fruit Chews, 10mg 'Bliss' Orchard Apple Fruit Chews, 10mg : 5mg CBN 'Sleep' Boysenberry Fruit Chews, 5mg 'Team Spirit' Green Apple State, 5mg 'Team Spirit' Michigan Blue Raz, 10mg 'Spirited' Blood Orange, 5mg 'Spirited' Blood Orange, 10mg 'Spirited' Blood Orange High Dose, 5mg : 2mg THCV 'Focus' Green Apple, 10mg : 5mg THCV 'Energy' Tropical Burst, 5mg : 10mg CBG 'Recover' Freshly Squeezed


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