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Incredibles Cannabis | Delicious and Effective Edibles incredibles: The Credible Edible

High quality, handcrafted incredibles cannabis infused chocolates, gummies tarts and mints with the effects you expect and flavors you’ll love. How long do Incredibles take to kick in?,
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Our story began with “special cookies” to help ease Grandma Noni’s pain. When she told us they tasted as good as they made her feel, it was all we needed to hear. Those cookies grew up to be incredibles—Loved for unique flavors. Trusted for original recipes. Made to deliver consistent experiences.

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incredibles – Summer Peach – Gummies – 100mg, incredibles -Strahhhberry + CBD 1:1 – Gummies – 200mg, incredibles – Watermelon Smash – Gummies – 100mg, incredibles – Tangahhhrine + CBD 2:1 – Gummies – 300mg, incredibles – Windy City Bar – Chocolate – 100mg, incredibles – Snoozzzeberry + CBN 5:1 – Gummies, incredibles – Peanut Butter Buddha – Chocolate – 100mg, Monkey Chocolate Bar 100mg, incredibles – Strawberry Crunch – Chocolate – 100mg, incredibles – Snoozzzeberry – Chocolate – 120mg, Mile Highest Mint Chocolate Bar 1,000mg, incredibles – Mile High Mint – Chocolate – 100mg, Bay State Chocolate Bar 100mg, 1:1 Salted Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar 200mg, incredibles – Mon Cherry – Gummies – 100mg, 1:1 Black Cherry CBD Chocolate Bar 200mg, Boulder Chocolate Bar 100mg, 1:1 Strawberry Fruit Chews Gummies 600mg, incredibles – Mint Chill – Mints – 100mg, Strawberry Crunch Chocolate Bar 1000mg, Peanut Budda Buddha White Chocolate Bar 80mg, incredibles – Fruit Trio – Tarts – 100mg, incredibles – Monkey Bar – Chocolate – 100mg,


Sour Blue Razzberry, Super Sour Apple Pucker, Strawberry Lemahhhnade, Sour Cherry Tart, Boost THCV, Snoozzzierberry + CBN + CBG 1:1:2, Snoozzzeberry + CBN 1:5, Tangahhhrine + CBD 2:1, Strahhhberry + CBD 1:1, Greener Apple, Summer Peach, Mon Cherry, Watermelon Smash


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