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  • N’Refused Edibles is a 100% LEGAL Cannabis brand.

Nrefused-edibles are too infused to be refused! N’Refused Edibles uses a CO2 extraction process that results in clean, potent, high-grade cannabis oil for use in its gummy edibles. To ensure N’Refused Edibles products are safe for patients and contain consistent cannabinoid percentages from batch to batch, N’Refused Edibles has each of its 24 products tested by SC Labs every 60 days. N’Refused Edibles came about because its founder observed that many companies were getting away from their core goal of providing quality cannabis products to medical marijuana patients.

The founder of N’Refused Edibles worked for many distributors and saw that while patients got relief from infused edibles, there wasn’t a lot of consistency in the industry and there was still a need for an edible product with a medical focus. In 2017, N’Refused hit the scene to bring patients that relief. The small, tight-knit team at N’Refused Edibles is passionate about medical cannabis, with many friends and family members who have experienced first-hand relief from infused edibles. It’s that passion that drives the company’s chemists and salespeople to work hard to expand N’Refused Edibles’ service area beyond the Southern California region in which they currently operate.

N’refused Edibles Rings 150mg is a cannabis-infused edible offered by  Collective located in Los Angeles, CA 90043


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